Arrowsmith Potters' Guild


600 Alberni Hwy
Parksville, BC
V9P 2C9

(250) 954-1872

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Bright open space





Day or Evening, Handbuilding or Throwing Classes. A $25 deposit will hold your seat in any class. Go into the Train Station Pottery Shop during open hours or register by phone.

The Studio is available, free of additional fees, for students to come in during open hours, when other classes are not in session, to practice for the duration of their class.

All students are instructed in the Guild Studio Procedures, so they are familiar with the equipment and space if using the Studio outside of class times.


Dates and Time


Adult Handbuilding or Wheel Throwing

Start Dates in Feb/March, Sept with some Kids Summer Handbuilding listings.
 Once or twice weekly
 Evenings 6-9pm or Daytime Mornings. Some Saturday Classes as well! Check out the schedules as they become available.

Phone the Train Station Pottery Shop for registration. See information below for more details.


Handbuilding - Mixed Skill Level : 6 sessions
Min.3 - Max.6 students
Fees and Supplies:
$135 - Clay, bisque and glaze firing of class projects included.

Tools Required: sharp knife (exacto), dense sponges, rubber scraper, serrated scraper (plastic comb, etc.), small paint brush for slip, apron, hand towel, bucket for water. Tool kits can be purchased a tht Train Station Pottery Shop. These classes offer instruction in coiling, slab building, pinch pot making and several decorating methods.

Throwing - Beginners/Refresher Skill Level :
8 sessions ... Min.3 - Max.6 students
Fees and Supplies:
$180 - Clay, bisque and glaze firings included.

Tools Required: Students must have their own tools, hand towel, and ice cream bucket for water. Tools may be available from the Train Station Pottery Shop for a small fee or purchased from the VI Pottery Supply. These are hands-on classes, focusing on centering clay, throwing simple forms like cylinders and bowls, while developing good throwing habits.

    Keep checking in for more details.

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