Arrowsmith Potters' Guild


600 Alberni Hwy
Parksville, BC
V9P 2C9

(250) 954-1872

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Historic Parksville Train Station

Thank you for your interest in Guild Membership. We ask that prospective members either have taken one of our classes or have previous knowledge of a working studio. This willl help you feel comfortable with the idiosynracies of our studio operations. Meetings are short and usually include a demo or other useful potting information.

Guild Membership

Our membership fee is $ 30.00 per year for General Membership, payable in September each year. An annual donation of pots is required, or arrangements can be made to donate time or other non pottery items if members are shy about their burgeoning skills. This entitles you to newsletters, discounts on classes and workshops, opportunities to participate in Sales events and lots more. All members are expected to volunteer for any of the many jobs that are needed to keep the Guild running smoothly.

We also have an initial half year rate (April to September) for new members wishing to start earlier, a special introductory rate for students finishing a class who want to see if our studio will work for them, and a monthly fee option for those who are only in the area for the winter (or summer) and would like somewhere to keep up their pottery habit!

*** Please note that new members are encouraged to attend meetings - to meet other members and take advantage of after meeting demos and social time. If a member wants to participate in any of the Guild Sales Events, attendance at 2 meetings immediately prior to the sale is requested, to sign up and get all the information. Full details on rates and other information is available at the Station during open hours.

Studio Membership

If you wish to use the Studio or any of the Guild equipment, glazes or kilns, there is an additional annual fee of $145.00 for Studio use. A Studio orientation or some training on special equipment may be required before using the Studio.

Click HERE for Studio Policy and Procedures



No LOW Fire Clay is Allowed in the Studio! If In Doubt, Please Ask!!


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